Boat Cradles

Danish design boat cradlesOur experience

UAB „Reecon Steel“ pagrindiniai gaminiai yra laivu stovai, gaminami jau 12 m. pagal danišką dizainą ir Europos standartus vis tobulinant jų konstrukcijas. Mūsų įmonė gamina laivų stovus jachtoms, kateriams ir katamaranams. Bendrovės gaminami stovai skirstomi pagal laivų svorį, t.y. 6T, 12T ir 25T laivus atlaikantys stovai. 

6T boat cradles

12T boat cradles

25T boat cradles

12T catamaran cradles

Additional parts

This support helps to save keel from damage and simplifies boat cradle transportation with forklift from harbour to parking place.

T-support is extra support for holding a bottom of  a yacht. 

This is a extra support for boat cradle when you need to change or remove one of four supports that is holding a boat.

Bigger plate for boat bottom holding. 250x250 

Standart plate. 150x150 

Container for a small details in harbours and marinas. 


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