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JSC "Reecon Steel” is a company founded in 2001Siauliai, Lithuania. Uniting people with long experience in technical decision-making, and those who are young and enthusiastic, we have established a professional team. This is a multidisciplinary team with a professional approach to work, using their knowledge and skills to solveproblems. "Reecon Steel” company's core business is metal working. As we are in close collaboration with Scandinavian countries, 95% of our products we export.

Our excellence is non-standard work performancesClients, who are looking for individual solutions, should not hesitate to contact us.

Our ambition is to continue improvement of service quality and ensure successful, mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with all partners and customers.

Available equipment at "Reecon Steel” enables us to produce various types of products: from standard products to a whole series of small orders for custom products.Following the professional development of promising ideas led, we seek for the best result. The basic requirementswhich aim to producing, installing and selling our products, are highest quality, durability, reliable, attractive and consistent preferences result and price compatibility.

Ship ljuddämpare

JSC “Reecon Steel” every year gets serious silencers production orders. Throughout the production time gained clients' trust and high silencer manufacturing experience.

Our manufactured silencers types: standard from 3'' to 7'' and 10'' special on up to 18''


UAB „Reecon Steel“

V. Bielskio 32a,

LT-76135, Šiauliai

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Tel/fax: 841-591958

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